At Southland Steel, we are focused on providing your company with the full spectrum of services needed for steel fabrication projects of any size. Combining some of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable professionals with the latest in technology and equipment, we deliver top quality services to meet your specific needs quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

3D Modeling and Detailing

Southland Steel has been using SDS/2 3D Modeling Detailing software since 1988, giving our team an exceptional level of expertise in 3D modeling. We offer you virtual tours using SDS/2, which is the only product on the market with the capabilities to automatically design the steel connections for your project. This state-of-the-art system provides you with a multitude of connection options for beams, columns, bracing, and joists, while also checking the connections mathematically to ensure reliability.

Structural Steel Fabrication

Our structural steel shop features more than $8 million in equipment, including 100% CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) units with the capability to run even the largest jumbo sections rolled. This process helps us consistently reduce our man-hours per ton, which ultimately saves your company money. Our shop also features more than 100 weld stations running both day and night shifts to further increase efficiency and bring you even more cost savings.

Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication

Our miscellaneous steel fabrication division focuses on small, quick turnaround applications that are typically less than 12 lb/ft. This specialized service also plays a crucial role in the efficient completion of heavy structural projects that require elements of miscellaneous steel fabrication.

Professional Engineering

We offer you a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers who use the latest technology to provide a wide variety of professional engineering services. Whether working directly with end users or third-party engineering firms, Southland puts our engineering expertise to work in helping you save time and money while producing the highest quality products.

We have the capabilities to design structural steel, foundations, and masonry. Our engineers are proficient in technology including RISA-3D, DESCON, and SDS/2 Detailing software.

For your convenience, all engineering, approval, and shop drawings may be submitted electronically and accessed through our FTP site for instant data exchange and tracking of your project. We also offer you 3D virtual tours of your structures.

In-house Complex Coatings

We offer you the skilled personnel, expertise, and specialized facilities to provide top quality in-house complex industrial coatings. Our team applies multiple protective coatings and systems ranging from zinc to epoxies, various marine coatings, and more. Our 32,000-square-foot coatings facility includes 20,000 square feet of climate-controlled space that allows for continuous production regardless of adverse weather conditions. In addition, we provide the latest in abrasive blasting methods and technology to properly prepare surfaces for coating and ensure quality results.


Southland Steel is the only fabricator in the southern United States that can provide in-house fireproofing. We are certified to provide lightweight fireproofing and are also certified by ThermoLag, Chartek, and FireTex. Our technicians apply intumescent coatings, which are more complex than the pyrocrete and fendolite coatings used by many manufacturers. We have provided fireproofing for LNG facilities and have the capabilities and expertise to apply a variety of fireproof coatings for virtually any type of project or industrial facility.