Over the past three decades, Southland Steel has earned a reputation for always completing projects on time and to the highest standards of quality. With a focus on superior customer service, we have performed work for many prominent clients in industries ranging from industrial to oil & gas, power generation, chemicals, and more. Our work has ranged from the fabrication of process structures, storage facilities, control rooms, and pipe racks to providing fireproofing, complex coatings, and other specialized services.

You can rely on Southland Steel to deliver a full spectrum of quality products and services on time and at competitive prices to meet your unique steel fabrication needs.

Project: LNG Facility
Tons: 5,000
Value (in millions): $13.5
Allied Environmental
Project: Baghouse
Tons: 1,000
Value (in millions): $2.7
Project: Chevron
Tons: 6,600
Value (in millions): $18.82
Burns & McDonnell
Project: Red Gate Energy
Tons: 1,100
Value (in millions): $3.2
Cajun Constructors
Project: ExxonMobil
Tons: 2,300
Value (in millions): $6.21
Project: Louisiana Sugar
Tons: 2,600
Value (in millions): $7.02
Project: Freeport LNG
Tons: 4,488
Value (in millions): $21.2
Florida Power & Light
Project: Solar Project
Tons: 5,500
Value (in millions): $10.85
Fluor Engineering
Tons: 10,152
Value (in millions): $29
Formosa Plastics
Project: OL3 Expansion
Tons: 12,738
Value (in millions): $42.8
Foster Wheeler
Project: Sinclair Oil
Tons: 3,500
Value (in millions): $9.45
Foster Wheeler
Project: Enterprise Products
Tons: 4,250
Value (in millions): $13.2
FruCon Construction
Project: Procter & Gamble
Tons: 1,000
Value (in millions): $2.7
FSE Energy
Project: Boiler Project - Canada
Tons: 1,450
Value (in millions): $6.6
Gemma Power
Project: Boiler
Tons: 1,500
Value (in millions): $4.05
Project: Grain Elevator
Tons: 1,000
Value (in millions): $2.7
Jacobs Engineering
Project: Marathon Ashland
Tons: 1,000
Value (in millions): $2.85
Monsanto AG
Project: Seed Plants
Tons: 5,500
Value (in millions): $14.85
Mustang Engineering
Project: OxyChem
Tons: 2,000
Value (in millions): $5.4
Orascom USA
Project: Beaumont Gas Plant
Tons: 4,037
Value (in millions): $12.9
Project: Facility Expansion
Tons: 3,350
Value (in millions): $9.05
SNF Flopam
Project: LP3, LP4, ATBS, Emulsions, AM
Tons: 2,186
Value (in millions): $9.7
Turner Industries
Project: CF Industries
Tons: 4,113
Value (in millions): $15.9
Valero Refining
Project: ULSD Project
Tons: 3,000
Value (in millions): $8.1
Zachry IndustrialTurner Industries
Project: Arizonian Power
Tons: 3,000
Value (in millions): $8.1