Finishing your projects withIn-House Industrial Coatings, fireproofing, & Galvanizing

As our industry advances, so do coatings. From Intumescent & Cementitious Fireproofing, to Complex Coatings and Hot-Dipped Galvanizing, Southland ensures your project stays on schedule with full control in our climate controlled facility.

In-house Complex Coatings & Painting

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In-house Complex Coatings

We offer you the skilled personnel, expertise, and specialized facilities to provide top quality in-house complex industrial coatings application. Southland un-matched coatings services to include Abrasive Blasting, Polyurethane, Epoxy, Alkyd, and so much more. With our 20,000-sqft of climate-controlled space, we can ensure continuous production regardless of adverse weather conditions that may arise.


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In-House Fireproofing

Southland Steel is the only fabricator in United States that can provide in-house fireproofing. Whether shop or field applied, Southland is certified to spray Intuemescent, Cementitous, Cryogenic and Duplex products. Our skilled craftsman adhere to strict and quality driven procedural processes, which give our customers the best product, every time.

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In-house Complex Coatings & Painting

Custom Hot Dip Galvanizing

In-house Galvanizing

At the Heart of Southland, lies our on-site 100,000-sqft Galvanizing facility. Being the only structural steel fabricator in the USA with a Galvanizing capability, a first-of-its-kind facility, and the unmatched quality, Southland will deliver, on time, every time.

Let's Get to Dippin'

Our new, world class industrial coating plant is open and taking orders!

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